Northern Soy Marketing (NSM) has unlocked a new realm of soybean quality awareness with its recent rebranding and the launch of its new website. The refreshed logo features a lock and the tagline, “Unlocking knowledge of soy quality,”which supports NSM’s vision of shifting the soybean value paradigm from crude protein to nutritional value. A true education hub and resource center, the revitalized website is the one-stop-shop for international buyers and purchasers to find answers to their soy quality questions. 

“Education is at the heart of NSM’s mission,” said NSM Chair Patrick O’Leary, who farms in Benson, Minnesota. “We want to connect with buyers and end users to provide them with the knowledge to make the best nutritional decisions for their livestock. The new logo and website reflect that.” 

The new website,, features dedicated pages and resources for soy buyer, nutritionist and farmer audiences. Along with in-depth explanations of the critical amino acid value (CAAV) measurement and the importance of essential amino acids, NSM’s website spotlights helpful resources such as Dr. Seth Naeve’s Annual U.S. Soy Quality Report and Dr. Robert Swick’s Soybean Meal Analysis Report, which are available for download. 

A farmer-led board formed by the soybean checkoff boards of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota, NSM invests grower checkoff funds to conduct research on soybean quality in U.S. soybeans and soybean meal destined for export, especially those from the Pacific Northwest (PNW) ports. Additionally, NSM funds educational outreach sessions for international soybean buyers to consider critical amino acid value as a complete assessment of soybean feed quality rather than only crude protein levels. 

“We are excited for this next chapter for NSM,” O’Leary said. “The new website will be the premier spot for international buyers, feed nutritionists and farmers to gather the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their companies and operations.”